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Magic and Machines is a nostalgic fantasy turn-based RPG - inspired by the early RPGs like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Golden Sun. Explore a world of six unique characters and the Overload mechanic which powers up your attacks. This game is a nod to RPGs past and present and doesn't require an internet connection so you can play it anywhere.

Racing-Oh (working title) is a racing Card Game with fast paced action that reminds us of the Saturday mornings watching cartoons. With digital we can create variations of CCGs that were not previously feasible, as this develops it will have influences of a fast paced Mario Kart, card mechanics inspired by Magic the Gathering, some skillful fun like in Diddy Kong Racing, and of course the ridiculousness that is Yu-Gi-Oh!

Unfinished Business pays homage to the monsters and ghosts beneath our beds and in our closets. You'll explore a world as a ghost where you can haunt the living. Inspired by Untiled Goose Game, you're a ghost tethered to this plane with little influence but plenty of mayhem on the residents as you discover what secrets are keeping you here.

Tea Time! (working title) A classic platformer with a slice of life twist as we anthropomorphize tea! The cups of tea that are unfinished and left throughout the house are on a mission to get back to their home - the kitchen. On the way they will encounter other household items that have come to life and other obstacles too!

Princess Lucki is for anyone who walked into an arcade and saw someone own at Galaga, but this princess has power-ups. Play as Princess Lucki, the quick-witted and quick-tempered space pirate who stole a ship in order to protect against a surprise invasion.