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Journey into the world of Magic and Machines, a retro fantasy turn-based RPG. This game features six unique party members on a quest to uncover the mysteries of their decaying world. You’ll discover new areas, complete puzzles, and battle foes in a turn-based battle system with the Overload mechanic that lets you supercharge your attacks such as dealing more damage, increasing buff effects and duration, and healing above your maximum health in battle.

In a small quiet town a little accident leads to a dramatic chain of events. Years later, monsters run rampant, the world is slowly eroding, and the Sacred Stones are disappearing one by one. Initially, two childhood friends journey out of their small town to find a missing colony, but they uncover an even larger crisis as they cross paths with a colorful cast of characters. Form your party of three from six characters, explore and discover secrets, uncover hidden bosses and their legendary items, and use strategy to defeat your foes.

Inspired by games such as Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, and Octopath Traveler, the game is a nod to those influences of the past and present. At the same time it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it can be played on the go -  you can save anywhere and put it down whenever you want. Players will engage in turn-based combat, solve puzzles with magic, get new equipment, and progress the story and side quests. The game simplifies many RPG elements such as progression or equipment setups. It simplifies the huge list of moves and too many equipment options by upgrading existing moves and narrowing down equipment to just a weapon and armor. There’s enough mechanics so players will strategize but not enough that they’ll need to reference a wiki to optimize. It’s also quite easy to pick up and put down and is perfect in short bursts or a longer sit down - great for veterans and those new to the genre alike.

The overworld is more interactive rather than just finding switches to open doors and only looking forward to battles, different characters can manipulate it in their own way such as burning a bush to uncover items, freezing a pond to walk over it, and moving boulders to solve puzzles. The battle system has just enough of a twist to still feel familiar to turn-based classics. The Overload mechanic gives enough power to the player so they can strategize their moves without it feeling like they need to learn too much about all the mechanics if they don't want to - after using a move twice you can Overload it, it's that simple. For the completionist there are also secret unlockable buffs that feel like they're from modern games such as items not depleting in battle, backup party getting partial experience, and Overloads charging just after one move. And lastly if you want a little more strategy there are legendary weapons which adds more creativity to your party - like a weapon that swaps attack and defense so you can transform a tank into an assassin (or the other way around) and another which bases your physical attacks your magic stat so you can transform a mage into a brawler!

Magic and Machines is meant to be a combination of past and present. It's also meant to be something that can scratch the itch for turn-based enthusiasts and simple enough so new players will also feel empowered.

Developer's Story

My name's Kevin, I'm a product manager who wanted to transition into the gaming industry during COVID. I would get interviews but the feedback was always I didn't have gaming experience so I decided, why not make my own? While I eventually got into gaming and subsequently left, the initial drive turned into a passion and I kept developing. Now I'm just another self taught developer who plans to continue making games on the side.

I've always loved RPGs, it's one of my favorite pastimes. The inspiration for Magic and Machines struck one day while I was at the airport waiting for a flight trying to find something to play for the ride. I struggled to find something, most games require an internet connection, which I wasn't going to pay for on the flight, or were complete ports of the classics which I already own at home, which I didn't want to buy again. Because I was already thinking about teaching myself how to code and make my own game, I decided that a turn-based RPG would be the one, specifically something that was nostalgic and that I could play without an internet connection.

"I wanted to create a game that would appeal to fans of nostalgic turn-based RPGs that may have busy lives, but also could be picked up by someone who's new to the genre.”

I started working on the game design on the plane. I knew it should be something fun but also not too serious, something that was inspired by RPGs that I love from both my childhood and those of today. I want people with that same nostalgia to recognize those RPG elements and also give new players something that's very easy to pick up.

Roughly three years later I can't believe I'm finally about to release my first game, the first of many I should say!

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